4850x2 1 GB (2x512) need Help whith bios and OC

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  1. numminorih

    numminorih Guest

    i have problem whith my 4850x2 1 GB (2x512). Whan I edit and flash bios modified whith RBE (last version) my card on boot say (Cant load driver, cose eror in hardwar)

    Can you help me edit my bios or beter send yours
    PS And you deffault bios if you have it.

  2. g3258 deathloop

    im using g3258 cpu on H81m-e33 motherboard with latest bios. VGA is gigabyte gtx 660. i think this problem begun after this update June 2015 Intel CPU microcode... everything works with 1 core enabled
    or default OC settings. but if i enable 2 cores and OC cpu ist deathloop ant windows logo. need fix for that or maybe its posible somehow unnistall this update on windows 10 10240???
  3. Lumiel81

    Lumiel81 Guest

    Will Microsoft update the Win10 upgrade?

    When I updated the bios my settings went back to stock. Tried it wouth those. Still no joy. The OC has nothing to do with it.
  4. rake

    rake Guest

    There's a boatload of BIOS files in the 'VGA BIOS collection' database, which is accessible from the TechPowerUP home page.


    If you are getting unrecognized hardware errors after flashing a modified BIOS, you may have gotten a little overzealous with the editing. There are some areas that you must not change.

    I suggest you read the RBE Tutorial and proceed with care.
  5. numminorih

    numminorih Guest

    Yes I read turtorial))
    TechPowerUp here I d'nt sea my bios. My car is 4850x2 1 Gb (2x512) there just 4850x2 2 Gb (2x1024) (((

    In RBE I just edit Clock settins to 700|1100 (card work corectly in 730|1200) and change fan settins (100% cooler after 70C) and change overclocking (driver overclocking limit) from 700 to 800, memory from 1200 to 1250

    ЗЫ Sory for my bad english Ну не помню я его не помню...
  6. rake

    rake Guest

    ah, editing the overclocking limit directly will most likely NOT work. This area of the BIOS is protected by a digital signature from ATI.

    If you want to modify that you have to 'inject' a signature from another card. This is all covered in the tutorial.
  7. numminorih

    numminorih Guest

    If uou have a little free time, can you help me whith it? Course i dont find any modified bios too my card, and any default bios for it. Support of Saphire don't answer me(
    Card: Saphire HD 4850x2 1GB 2x512
  8. numminorih

    numminorih Guest

    and i need default master and slave bios for my 4850x2 1gb (2x512) (
  9. rake

    rake Guest

    there seems to be three here...


    but I don't know how to differentiate between master and slave bios... don't have any experience flashing x2's

    I wouldn't worry about finding a pre-modded bios, since it is a simple matter to make your own changes. Just always start with a clean copy and do not re-edit the same file over and over.

    From what I've read elsewhere on this forum though, the 4850x2 can be a difficult customer...
  10. numminorih

    numminorih Guest

    rake its seems to 2x1024 model like i see. it think i will test it.