40mm chipset fan reccomendations ?

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  1. InTeL-iNsIdE

    InTeL-iNsIdE Guest

    Im looking for a high performance 40mm fan to attach to the NB of my Asus Rampage II Gene when it arrives, i have read that the nb cooling is kind of week and tends to get very hot (60c-70c in some cases) so im preparing in advance.

    Could someone reccomend me a good 40mm fan ? i would sacrifice noise for high airflow if its a decent fan.

  2. BulldogXX

    BulldogXX Guest

    NEED HELP: 516-Chipset fan not detected

    Use the original CPU fan that came with your computer.

    If you are still using the original CPU fan that came with your computer, make sure the power cable is firmly in its socket.
  3. Raikuro

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    NEED HELP: 516-Chipset fan not detected

    Whenever I start up my computer I always get a black screen with a message on it. How do I fix this and get rid of this black screen message from whenever I start up my machine? I'm using a Windows 10.

    40mm chipset fan reccomendations ? [​IMG]
  4. erocker

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    I like using Antec Spot-Cools to cool my NB's. They work very well. *Smile 40mm chipset fan reccomendations ? :)
  5. Josh81

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    wouldn't it be better to zip tie a 120 mm in a way that it would be directioned towards the NB?
  6. MKmods

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    get a bigger fan than 40. For them to move any air they have to spin real fast and make a racket.
  7. alexp999

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    I have a really good 40mm NB fan spare, not the fastest but it shifts a reasonable amount of air considering its size and is dead silent.

    I bought it to replace the noisy fan on a Foxconn 975X I had once.

    Its a Xilence one, not a cheap crappy job, which also means its black and red, would look pure sex on a Asus Rampage II Gene *Big Grin 40mm chipset fan reccomendations ? :D

    I no longer have the heatsink its sits on (not that you need it) but here is a pic from their site:


    40mm chipset fan reccomendations ? [​IMG]

    40mm chipset fan reccomendations ? [​IMG]
  8. LittleLizard

    LittleLizard Guest

    the cooler can be separated from the base in that mobo, so why not get a thermalright NB cooler?