120x25mm fan comparable to the Ultra Kaze?

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  1. Kantastic

    Kantastic Guest

    Does anybody know of any 120x25mm fans that are comparable to the Ultra Kaze noise/performance/price wise?

    I know of the Silverstone FM122's but those are double the price.

    Edit: Wait never mind I answered my own question. Been looking at fans for over an hour and completely forgot about the Scythe Slipstream fans. Good price, good stats. What about other fans?

  2. donofworld

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    Nokia OS

    go for nokia c7.....it is ultra slim and light weight compared to other high end phones
  3. blitzkid

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    Nokia Belle Widgets

    Well, I'm also a Nokia fan and feels painful to see the strange decisions taken by Nokia making them slide down all the more compared to their competition.
  4. douglatins

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    Noctuas 1300 are pretty good, but i use 2000RPM CM LED/Fume ones, they are really good and cheap. I have 4 running inside my case
  5. Kantastic

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    $20 a pop!
  6. Noiseblocker 2000RPM series *Smile 120x25mm fan comparable to the Ultra Kaze? :)