Mickey: Upgrade Ryzen 1600 to 2700X

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    So when I was buying Ryzen 5 1600 in summer 2017 I was originally thinking I would upgrade to 3rd gen, but seeing how cheap 2700X is right now (1900SEK in Sweden, roughly $200), would this be a good way to hold on till 5. gen Ryzen?

    I would continue using my Asus Prime B350-Plus, my system specs are up to date. Selling 1600 and Wraith Prism would hopefully bring relative price of 2700X down to about 800SEK ($85).

    3600 goes for 2300SEK ($240), 3600X is 2600SEK ($270) but they don't come...

    Upgrade Ryzen 1600 to 2700X