Mickey: sager-clevo p870dm-g

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    hello im hoping someone here could help me out as i have checked every where and this seems to be my last option
    i was performing a bios mod on this laptop for a friend as seen here
    Mickey: sager-clevo p870dm-g [​IMG]
    Official Coffee Lake Refresh Thread/BIOS for ALL Clevo Laptops - RTX CARDS NOW SUPPORTED

    DISCLAIMER: This mod is NOT officially supported on the Clevo laptops mentioned below, and YOU assume all the risk and liability by attempting this mod...
    Mickey: sager-clevo p870dm-g [​IMG] forum.notebookreview.com
    i made the mistake of performing a bios update on the ime chip instead of the bios and now i have a no post situation
    so im wondering if someone can...

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