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    Silicone oil for cotton and polyester fabric
    Product name: Solvent-free environment friendly silicone oil RH-NB-8158
    Introduction: It is a special modified ternary polymerization block silicone oil.
    AppearanceLight yellow to yellow liquid
    IonicWeak cationic
    PH Value7.0-8.0
    Endows the fabric with super soft smooth hand feelings.It can be combined with fluffy silicone oil, and get the comprehensive hand feelings.
    Application and Uses:
    Apply to all kinds of cotton,polyester,and nylon fabric,etc
    Usage amount for reference:
    Dipping process:RH-NB-8158 emulsified liquid 1~5 % (o.w.f)
    Padding process:RH-NB-8158 emulsified liquid 10~50 g/L
    Please refer to the emulsification process of the crude oil on the next page.
    Package: 50Kg or 120Kg
    Storage: Store in cool and ventilated warehouse. 6 months of storage period.textile silicone suppliers China
    website:China Block Silicone Oil For Cotton Factory, Manufacturers and Suppliers | RUNHE