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    Multipole Safety Conductor Rail Support:
    The production and installation of angle steel conductor rails brackets are generally made by welding angle steel.
    When making, first cut the material according to the given size of the drawing and then carry out the welding process. When welding, firstly weld each piece to its proper position by spot welding and then correct the size and verticality of each part of the main bracket. After correcting, fix the bolt hole on the welded bracket. , using an electric drill to process into an oval shape.
    In addition, when the number of the brackets produced is large and the same structure type and size, the mold can be processed in advance, which can greatly improve the production efficiency and ensure the processing precision. After the stent is made, the rust and the slag are removed. Then brush the primer (with anti-rust paint) and a layer of paint (usually gray blend paint) or paint according to the drawings.
    Angle steel conductor rail brackets are generally carried out after the crane track is installed. When installing, use the top surface of the crane rail as the reference surface. Firstly, according to the distance between the track and the bracket, make a template square and start from one end of the crane beam. Position the bracket with the aid of the template ruler and then level the bracket and then use the bolt and nut to fix the bracket.Multipole Copper Safe Conductor Rail Parts suppliers
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