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    Product Description
    English NameCopper Moxa Roll Burner
    Use time15-20 minutes
    Materialcopper + cotton cloth
    Packaging Details1pc/box
    ApplicationBody relax, Joint pain relife
    MOQ50 boxes
    Massage areaAll over the body
    Moxibustion refers to the burning of Chinese Mugwort (or Moxa) - normally as an accompaniment to acupuncture in order to provide a gentle source of heat. It can be used as a way of stimulating acupoints, or used to warm a whole area.
    How to Use
    · Insert the lit moxa into the top of tube, make sure it can move freely.
    · And cover moxibustion on the shelf.
    · A little hot without causing pain is the most desirable point.
    · Keep the moxibustion frame clean through blowing or flicking the ashes on it regularly.
    · After moxibustion, extinguish the burning moxa stick, but do not rinse with cold water.
    Packaging Details
    1 pc/box, Or according to customer's requirement
    Delivery Time :
    Within 5-10 working days after received payment
    1.Moxibustion should not be done if the following happened: pregnant women, drunk ,and people with skin problems.
    2.The product is forbidden to be used with inflammable, explosive materials and require to be placed in ventilated areas.
    3.Check up the instruments to make sure the burning moxa stick crushed in case of fire and emergency.Moxa Roll Burner suppliers
    website:China Customized Moxa Roll Burner Suppliers - Wholesale Moxa Roll Burner - Rong Xi