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    Dust settling bag
    Polyester series filter bags include polyester series needle felt filter bag / polyester anti-static needle felt filter bag / polyester surface anti-static filter bag / polyester water-repellent oil-proof anti-static filter bag / polyester film needle felt filter bag / Polyester easy to clean gray needle felt filter bag / polyester water-repellent oil-proof needle felt filter bag These types, of which polyester is called polyester, polyester is the main filter material in bag filter, usually PET is called poly ester.
    The polyester fiber has high strength, good elastic recovery performance, strength of 3.52-5.28CN/dtex, elongation at break of 30%-40%, stable fabric size, high strength, large elongation and good elastic recovery performance. Therefore, the polyester fabric has good abrasion resistance. Polyester needle felt has a weight of 350-800g/m2, high porosity, and dust removal efficiency of 99%-99.9%.
    Post-treatment has calendering, singeing, heat setting, dipping and drying, coating and so on. National Filter Environmental Protection is a professional manufacturer of polyester filter bags. The product models are diversified and the materials used have been scientifically verified. It can be used for filtration and has high filtration precision.
    Technical parameters
    Radial tension: >1100N/5×20cm
    Latitude tension: >1400N/5×20cm
    Radial tension: <25%
    Latitude tension: <45%
    Aftertreatment: singeing, calendering, heat setting, lamination
    * Stable size and high strength
    * Good grinding performance
    * high porosity and high dust removal efficiency
    * Easy cleaning
    * long lifetime
    Certification of companyDust Collector Filter Bag price
    website:China Dust Collector Filter Bag Manufacturers, Suppliers, Factory - Cheap Price Dust Collector Filter Bag in Stock - Lingyun