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    410kva diesel gensets
    Chongqing Sanchai Power Group is a modern private enterprise which integrating “research, development, production and marketing”
    ● Sanchai is the first private enterprise geting the production license of import high-horsepower engines.
    ● Sanchai is the first private enterprise casting large engine parts by using cylinder block with EPC.
    ● Sanchai is the first private enterprise with the advanced technology of the integral crankshaft with counterweight.
    ● Sanchai has three registered trademarks: Kangfa NewStar, Sanchai and CCEC.
    I-Diesel Gensets’s characteristic:
    1. Power engine: Sanchai NT Series Diesel Engines
    (1). PT Fuel System
    (2). Naturally aspirated, Turbocharged, Turbocharged inter-cooling, Double turbocharged
    (3). Light weight, Big power, Torque is strong, Low oil consumption, compact structure, Simple maintenance
    2. Self-preservation function: water temperature, oil temperature, over-speed

    3. High regulating voltage accuracy, good dynamic performance

    4. Less voltage waveform distortion, high efficiency, reliable work

    5. Long service life

    6. Self-starting & Self-switchover
    II- Gensets’s Parameter
    Rated Power328 KW410KVA
    Standby Power360 KW451KVA

    Our business ideas: Be Market-oriented, Technology Ensured, Win-win Expected.
    We according to customer requirements to develop new products and system solutions To provide reliable quality and best service, and reduce customer costs.Diesel Generator Sets