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    Mixed meal compound enzyme
    Product Efficacy
    1. Reduce the intestinal chyme viscosity, promote the absorption of nutrients;
    2. Destroying plant cell wall, promoting nutrient release and increasing nutrient digestibility;
    3. To improve the nutritional value of the grain processing by-products, improve the quality of the feed products and save the feed.
    4. Decomposition of anti nutrition factors, increase the use of coarse feed, reduce feed and feed costs;
    5. Reduce gastrointestinal diseases, inhibit harmful intestinal microorganisms, livestock and poultry manure enhanced physique, reduce odor, beneficial to environmental protection;
    6.Reduce the ratio of meat (material, egg, milk), improve the performance of livestock and poultry, and improve the quality of meat, eggs and milk.
    Product component analysis guarantee
    nameEnzyme living products of compound enzyme
    β -mannanase≥4000 IU/g
    protease≥6000 U/g
    β -glucanase≥3500 IU/g
    xylanase≥20000 IU/g
    cellulase≥2000 IU/g
    Add 100-150 grams per tonCompound Enzyme Series Products
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