Mickey: Mickey: China Mechanical Disc Brake Mountain Ebike 250W

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    Zenith (Saneagle) Sports Co.,LTD.
    Company Profile
    Website for export : www.saneagle.com
    Website for domestic: www.znhbikes.com
    Tel:86‐757‐86324962, 86333765, 81772781, 81772782
    Fax: 86‐757‐81772719
    E‐Mail: znh@saneagle.com
    About us
    Zenith(Saneagle)Sports Co., Ltd., established in 2000, locates in Nanhai, Foshan, Guangdong, China, is a professional manufacturer engaged in the research, development, production, sale and service of bicycles, electric bicycles, frame, fork. Our annual export sales reach 30 million dollars. Our products are exported to Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, Oceania, Africa and Asia. In addition, we have obtained ISO9001 international quality management system certification, EN certification for our electric bicycles.
    We have subsidiary brands, such as Saneagle, Zenith, Santa, and ZNH. We also welcome OEM and ODM orders. Our R & D team has garnered a series of patents in China. To keep us updated with the latest market trends and to showcase our products, we participate in various trade shows annually such as Canton Fair, China International Bicycle & Motor Fair and EUROBIKE. If you have any new ideas or concepts for our products, please contact us. We are glad to work together with you and finally bring you the satisfied products.
    Our History
    ● 1986 NANWEI Bicycle company established as a Government‐owned corporation.
    ● 2000 NANWEI bicycle company were reorganized to SANEAGLE bicycle manufactory.
    ● 2004 SANEAGEL bicycle manufactory build own export and import company
    ‐‐‐ SANEAGLE international trading co., ltd.
    ● 2004 SANEAGLE star to design and produce the E‐bike.
    ● 2005 SANEAGLE build our own other factory for the manufacturing of aluminum frame
    ‐‐‐ METAL aluminum technology co., ltd.
    ● 2012 SANEAGLE build our own other factory for the manufacturing of carbon fiber frame and fork
    ‐‐‐ MENGTE composite material technology co., ltd.
    ● 2013 SANEAGLE moved to the new industrial zone from the centre of city
    ‐‐‐rename to: ZENITH Sports co., ltd.
    Our Group
    Company nameEstablish
    timeMain productNumber of
    EmployeesAnnual output
    Sports co., ltd.
    SANEAGLE bicycle manufactory establish in 2000, and rename to Zenith sport co., ltd. in 20122000E‐bike and Bicycle15020,000 pcs E‐Bike 200,000 pcs Bicycle
    aluminum technology co., ltd.2005Aluminum Frame300650,000 pcs Frame
    composite material technology co., ltd.2012Carbon Fiber Frame and Front Fork606,000 pcs Frame 20,000 Front fork
    international trading co., ltd.2004Export E‐Bike/Bicycle and import accessories for the
    above member of group12
    Our Brand
    Logo Brand Name Description Market Sales Percentage
    ZENITHFor E‐bike and BicycleExport5%
    ZNHFor E‐bike and BicycleExport and Domestic7%
    SANTAFor BicycleDomestic3%
    SANEAGLEFor BicycleExport10%
    & OEMFor E‐bike and BicycleExport75%
    Our Products ‐‐‐1) Regular E‐Bike
    Our Products ‐‐‐2) Selected E‐bike with hidden battery
    Our Products ‐‐‐3) Mountain Bicycle
    Our Workshop‐‐‐1) Three product lines,two for bicycle, one for E‐bike
    Our Workshop ‐‐‐2) Painting lines and spokes auto assembly machine
    Our Warehouse ‐‐‐warehouse of accessories and final products
    Our Te st Lab ‐‐‐all frame should be tested and meet the EN standards or other standards China Mechanical Disc Brake Mountain Ebike 250W
    website:China Ebike, Bike, Escooter Wholesale - Foshan Zenith Sport Co.,Ltd
    website2:Китай Ebike, велосипед, Escooter Оптовая продажа - Foshan Zenith Sport Co., Ltd