Mickey: CRYORIG H5 vs H7 on OC 8600k

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    So I'm working on a new build after selling off my wife's old PC (Phenom II x4 955 build) and giving her my current gaming PC (i5-7600k build).

    For my new case I used a Phanteks P400S, motherboard - Asus Z370-P, CPU - Intel i5-8600k with a CRYORIG H5 cooler. I installed my own Enermax/Artic fans in the new case, two 140mm intake front fans and two 120mm out take fans (one top and one rear).

    After loading all the software I went into BIOS and set all the fans to normal settings (around...

    CRYORIG H5 vs H7 on OC 8600k