Mickey: 550W PSU for RTX 2070 Super?

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    Im upgrading from my RX 580 to RTX 2070 super (thinking about MSI GeForce RTX 2070 Super Ventus OC).
    Tried calculating potential wattage and every calculator says that i only need 450-500w. Considering that I only have Corsair CX550W I am little bit worried that this would not be enough for RTX2070 super. Could you tell me if I should worry or not? Full specs below

    MOBO: Gigabyte H310M S2P 2.0, 1151, DDR4, PCIe Gen2 x2 M.2, D-Sub, DVI-D, HDMI
    RAM: Kingston HyperX FURY 16GB 2666MHz...

    550W PSU for RTX 2070 Super?